Tupperware 2.0


I remember sitting in my mother’s kitchen amongst all the kitchen gadgets, including the Tupperware containers. There was the gold one for cake and the stackables used for our “baking items” such as sugar and flour.  Don’t forget the plastic shape sorter (Shape-O ball) that made the perfect baby gift!  Yep, we were a home up to our eyeballs in Tupperware.  And it was a GOOD THING.

Fast forward forty years later. Now in my new kitchen that I redesigned with great care is room for those Tupperware  modulars. Cereal, dog food, and the already established “baking items” all are neatly tucked in to the easy to slide cabinetry with “soft closures”.  Yes Virginia, in 2013, Tupperware has evolved from simple storage containers in to just about everything and anything that you would need for a chef’s kitchen.

Let’s walk down memory lane and learn a bit about the history of Tupperware.  Started in 1948, Tupperware went from being a local “pop” shop to a household platinum standard for containers.  I happened to read the shareholders press release for 2012. This little ‘ol company now has stock value in to the BILLIONS.  Earnings are multi, multi -millions per quarter.  That is a lot of family organization going on!

One reason why Tupperware has been able to excel and compete with the “throwaway” container industry is because they expanded beyond that. Now offering kitchen knives, lunch boxes and easy to cook, store and reheat systems that are safe for all.  They also are to storage what Kleenex is to sneezing! Brand recognition rules with this company!

Read more about Tupperware on their website: Tupperware.com

imageAnd, if ever you want to order or be connected with a local representative there is no one more loyal to the brand than BCBC’s very own Anita Garcia who has been with the company for more than 40 years. Her enthusiasm for Tupperware has not waned and she is one amazing entrepreneur! 

Connect with Anita here

Note: This was NOT a sponsored post. Just written by a true fan of the brand and Anita Garcia!

Bio: Louise Sattler is a professional social media expert with a love for all things shiny and useful! She is an active member of BCBC.  She is the co-founder of 411 VOICES and tweets as @LouiseASL

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