Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur!

         You have an idea. Others think it is great! You think perhaps now is the time to take the plunge. Wait!  You have NO idea how to forge in to the business world as an entrepreneur – let alone SUCCEED!

First, don’t even kid yourself that you can be a successful business owner without equipping yourself with the right tools?


Write down what is is that you want to achieve with your business and why? (To provide for your family, change your career, add dimension to your life? Whatever is the reason, write it down.)


Post your REASON(s) of why you are starting this business to the wall where you can see it daily! This will help you more than you can measure when times get rough – and they will!

Keep a motivational WHY statement where you can see it DAILY!
Keep a motivational WHY statement where you can see it DAILY!


STEP THREE and FOUR (they are interrelated)

Develop a business plan?

Make sure to have a projection timeline included in your business plan?

Seek experts to help you if you haven’t a clue on how to start a business. (Community colleges and local Small Business Associations offer mentors and classes)


Get a TAX ID, Business License and any other paper work that you need to be a LEGAL business. Don’t think that the little ‘ol  “cottage business” you are doing from your basement is tax exempt\


BUDGET!  This should be integrated in to your business plan, but you need to budget and then ADD 10% for unforeseen costs and expenses.  Don’t forget to include license fees, taxes and marketing costs.


GET your URL once you are a legal entity (or before). Claim your NAME and BUSINESS NAME websites. Using cheap servers such as GO DADDY will help you to BUY your online presence. Then also secure your TWITTER, PINTEREST, FACEBOOK and GOOGLE + names, too!  If you don’t secure them right away (even at the idea stage) then I guarantee the minute the “word is out” about your great idea for a business someone will snatch these website names out from under you!  And, use FREE ways to get your name out there like asking for BLOGGERS to try your product and then review.

 STEP EIGHT- (where is where I will end for now)

Educate yourself about running a business and about YOUR business field. A wise business owner is half the battle.  And, don’t give things away for FREE  unless it is part of your marketing plan.

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