My Hero, Jaylen Arnold from

by Louise Sattler, Psychologist, owner of Signing Families

My hero is a thirteen year old Floridian with Tourette’s Syndrome  and other unique traits.   He doesn’t spend his days doing ordinary things. He does EXTRAORDINARY things!    Meet Jaylen Arnold!

I did, back before he was all over national news, had his own Wikipedia page and was nearly a household name.  We first me when he was a guest on my radio show and later in “real life” (over yummy food in a restaurant outside of Orlando, Florida).  I knew from the minute I spoke to his mom, Robin,   that Jaylen would be “someone to watch”.  I also knew that the impact he made on my life in less than 30 minutes was going to be life-changing. And , it was!

img_0698Jaylen has a mission statement that I think should be repeated daily in classrooms, playgrounds and boardrooms –  Bullying NO WAY!  He wants to put anti-bullying programs in to EVERY school in the United States.  The program, while targeted to help kids, actively involves parents and teachers.


I believe that Jaylen’s story is very powerful and the lessons learned need to be told in his own voice. That is why I wrote this earlier blog with links to his media pages.  It is his story to tell and here it is>> Read  Jaylen’s  story here.

This Spring Jaylen and family are taking his message to the highways! Thanks to the generosity of many sponsors and entertainment personalities willing to donate their time, Jaylen is now criss – crossing America to help put an end to senseless bullying! He also has become quite a notable TV personality himself.

Watch Jaylen on television via YouTube

Soon, he will be trekking in to Los Angeles where I plan on reuniting with this amazing teen and his family!  If you have ever doubted yourself, your vision , or your endeavor – you need to meet Jaylen.  He makes you realize that if you want it bad enough you can’t make any excuses.  He doesn’t.

Some people call Jaylen inspirational, hopeful and a role model.

I call my friend – hero!

Love ya, Jay!



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