How to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

Sad young beautyThe cold is the most common infectious disease in the United States and unfortunately it becomes prevalent during the holiday season. In the United States it is estimated that the average adult will get a cold typically two times a year, while children may have up to ten. The typical cold accounts for more missed work and absences at school than any other illness. People typically see their primary care physician for colds, however it is a viral infection and all doctors can do is say to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Treating colds with antibiotics are virtually useless because antibiotics treat bacterial infections and a cold is a viral infection.

There can be an abundance of reasons why during the holiday season our immune systems can become compromised:

-Eating too much sugar and grains

-Not getting adequate sleep and rest

-Low levels of vitamin D & C

-Emotional stress can be elevated during these times

Colds can typically last one to two weeks in duration. How can you curb colds and make them go away faster? What can I do to prevent cold from occurring in the first place? Here are some great ideas to keep you healthy during the holiday season.

-Coconut oil- It has great anti-septic properties and is high in Omega 3’s

-Eat organic local fruits and vegetables-mushrooms especially have great immune enhancing properties

-Eat garlic- It is a potent antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Other herbs and spices with high healthy promoting properties are: turmeric, oregano, cinnamon, and cloves.

-Stay hydrated-Instead of gulping down Gatorades and sports drinks which have an overabundance of sugars try cutting up some grapefruit and basil, or cucumber and lemon for a great way to make your water sparkle with flavor.

-Get plenty of exercise and sleep- With the stresses or work and finances your body needs time to heal and recuperate.

-Introduce supplements such as zinc, vitamin C, and oregano oil into your daily routine.

Stay Healthy!

Dr. Sabrina Quinene

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