The holidays mean a time for rejuvenation!

It is that time of year when families get together, old friends reunite and proverbial doors are open for a myriad of emotions to collide! How to handle the stress of the holidays?

First, recognize that this is a busy time and try to organize with a schedule. But be careful! Don’t over commit to too many get – togethers that run you ragged. When the family gets together try to keep conversations “light” and perhaps crack out the board games to set the stage for a fun event filled with laughter instead of open conversational time that can lead to topics best left for another time.
Next, give yourself permission to let some things “go”. Ask guests to bring a dish to pass to your holiday party so that you don’t need to cook the entire meal. Go the bakery to get your cakes and cookies vs. making them yourself. Enjoy a quiet evening at home instead of accepting each and every invitation.

Tip: download the UBER app or friends phone numbers in to your cell phone so you aren’t tempted to drink and drive and have a safe way to get home.