The holidays mean a time for rejuvenation!

by Louise Sattler, 411 voices

It is that time of year when families get together, old friends reunite and  proverbial doors are open for a myriad of emotions to collide! How to handle the stress of the holidays?

First, recognize that this is a busy time and try to organize with a schedule.  But be careful! Don’t over commit to too many get – togethers that run you ragged.  When the family gets together try to keep conversations “light” and perhaps crack out the board games to set the stage for a fun event filled with laughter instead of open conversational time that can lead to topics best left for another time.

Next, give yourself permission to let some things “go”.  Ask guests to bring a dish to pass to your holiday party so that you don’t need to cook the entire meal.  Go the bakery to get your cakes and cookies vs. making them yourself.  Enjoy a quiet evening at home instead of accepting each and every invitation.

Tip:  download the UBER app or friends phone numbers in to your cell phone so you aren’t tempted to drink and drive and have a safe way to get home.

Treat yourself!  You have bought and wrapped gifts for everyone from your neighbors to your family. Now it is time to treat yourself! Get a facial, go to a movie, go for a long walk or hike, enjoy an afternoon out with friends, buy yourself a little present, too.

Get ready for 2016!  Make a list of one or two goals for 2016.  We are more apt to complete reasonable goals than a long list of lifestyle changes. Think of the big picture when you create your list.  Such as read more, exercise during my lunch hour on a daily basis, spend less time on social media and more time having real conversations, turn off the TV during dinner, etc.  We hope that one of your goals is to come to our meeting if you are a woman biz owner in the beach cities of LA or check out our websites!

What are you looking forward to most in 2016?  Write down your aspirations, wishes and goals and put them in a jar.  Set the jar in your cupboard and open it up again in 2017.

From all of us at the Beach Cities Breakfast Club to all of you- Happy Holidays!


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