Health Care for Dogs in Need

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy, owner of the Country Hills Animal Clinic, is one special lady.  Once a  month she and staff members dedicate a Saturday to provide vaccines, flea and tick prevention and other health care measures to animals that may have otherwise gone without.  Helping dogs from owners who are struggling financially or those who are seeking a forever home is why this team donates so much of their time and efforts. Each month over 100 dogs and cats are cared for with little to no cost.

To learn more about DOGTOWN RESCUE please click here including their list of adoptable animals.

Please visit and you will find out they are a comprehensive team of veterinarians who offer laser surgery (less invasive), online pharmacy options, comprehensive veterinary services and much more. They even have a REWARDS program.

Enjoy these photos from past Dogtown rescue veterinary service day!


15th anniversary party celebration

15 years ago Maria West and Anita Garcia (along with a few others no longer with BCBC) had a golden idea to start an ALL WOMEN’S networking group. The group switched venues (more times than they would like to count) and the women who attended have changed. Although their remains many “mainstays” with Linda Hirsch, Linda Kahn-Ferrell and Debbie D’Aquino being members with many years of attendance.

This year at the annual Summer picnic we toasted to 15 years of BCBC and here is to 15 more!