A Morning at BCBC – What to Expect!

We thought it might be useful to give our readers and prospective members a little “sneak peek” in to our Thursday morning meetings. Designed to be a lead generation and mentoring group, BCBC has grown multi-fold over the past 17 years!

Here is what to expect!

BCBC members convene “officially” at 7:15 a.m. every Thursday but encourage our membership to arrive by 7am to “catch-up”.

Our first “order of business” is to introduce any visitors and then take turns with our “30-second promotional” – aka the “elevator pitch”.  Personalities shine during these 30 seconds as poems, clever slogans and stories are used in many a pitch to garner and maintain interest!

After our 30 -second promotional we then do “Leads and Thank- Yous”.  For some, this is the “meat” of the meeting where leads to and from each member are generated.  Also, we acknowledge those who have helped grow our businesses , our mentors, and  much more.

Old and New business is discussed with upcoming events and “biz tips” being announced.  You can see a sample of upcoming events here. 

More “food for thought” is offered during our two- ten minute presentations by members.  This is truly the educational portion of our meeting and much information has been shared during these 20 minutes. While it seems short in time, it is not “short” in sharing of expertise.

Did we mention that there is breakfast being served and endless coffee and tea being poured throughout our time together!?!

We continue our meeting with a second round of 30-second promotions (and visitors get a full minute here).  Then on to our “thought of the week”.

Don’t be surprised to see may a member linger to chat, share more information or go more in-depth about lead generation.

Lastly… the very best part of our BCBC meeting is … friendships, business relationships and mentoring all  continue well outside the Thursday morning meetings.

Tips for Arriving to School Safely (reprint)

This is a reprint (with permission) from our member, Louise Sattler. Please read the entire article here


I take matters of safety seriously.  Especially when it comes to the safety of our children in schools.  Thus, I have compiled some resources and tips for you to pass on to your children – including those who are off to college. Please feel free to share your own helpful information in the comment section below.



Walking to School 

Sadly we live in a world where the simple task of walking to school can be unsafe. Please be sure to have your young children walk to school or a school bus stop supervised by an adult or a responsible teen-ager.

  • TIP: Have your child carry ID in case they become lost or there is a medical emergency.




college student.jpeg

Walking on Campus

Our “children” who walk on college campuses also are at risk for their safety. Please consider enrolling them in a personal safety workshop or course prior to their  first day of college life.  And, consider providing them, where allowed, safety tools such as pepper spray.

DamselProGal.com , by the Safety Advocateis a website where you will find much information about personal safety for coeds.

Related: Crimes on College Campus Report

TIP: Having an ID with medical and important data can be a lifesaver, especially if the student has a chronic condition, such as epilepsy or diabetes. Also, having ICE on the phone contact list is recommended by many emergency personnel. (In Case of EMERGENCY – ICE)

Upcoming events with our BCBC members- FALL 2018

Friday-9/7 Saturday-9/8 & Sunday-9/9 BCBC & Guests Fri-5pm-9pm

Sat-11am-11pm Sun-12pm-8pm

36th ANNUAL LOMITA FAIR – St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church—25511 Eshelman Avenue, Lomita, CA 90717.  Fun and Safe evening for the whole family. Linda Benecke/Damsel and Lori McConnaha/Mary Kay are sharing a table/tent area.
Tuesdays Sept 11th – Oct 30th  BCBC & Guests 9-10am & 6-7pm Bones for Life Classes – at  Remedy Pharm 23811 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance 90505. Take all 8 classes– Cost $72 for 8 wk series or $15 per class on drop in basis. Don’t hesitate to contact Joy if you have questions or concerns – joyfulmobility@gmail.comor .
Thursdays  Sept 13th – Nov 1st     BCBC & Guests 9:30-1030am Align the Spine Classes – at  Remedy Pharm 23811 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance 90505. Take all 8 classes– Cost $72 for 8 wk series or $15 per class on drop in basis. Don’t hesitate to contact Joy if you have questions or concerns
First Mondays

Oct 1st

BCBC & Guests 6-8pm First Monday “social hour” at Brio Coastal, Del Amo Fashion Mall, Torrance.  The  price is right ($5.00 for social hour drinks and for bar bites aka appetizers)

Joy Daunis Selected as Student Photographer of the Month!

Joy Daunis believes you always need to hone your craft! That is why she continues to take classes at  This month she was selected by Paul’s Photography Studio as STUDENT OF THE MONTH.  Here is an example of her photography skills extraordinaire!