The Art of Writing a Blog

This was a presentation about the how’s and why’s of writing a blog. Please feel free to use it as a guide with writing your own blog.

Written and presented by Louise Sattler. Feel free to connect with Louise here.

Write something INTERESTING

The basic formula for writing a blog

Make a plan

Stock photo: CANVA

An example of a blog

Add Photos and Video – your own or with permission

Some screenshots can be helpful, too

Use of images should make or accentuate a point.

Things to consider about blog writing

Before Launching Your Own Home-Based, Woman-Owned Business, Follow These Essential Steps

by guest blogger, Amy Collett

(Photo via Pexels)

Making the decision to start your own home-based business is an exciting one. Whether your business will function as a side hustle or as your primary career, owning a small business gives you the opportunity to routinely do what you love. For many professional women, there is nothing quite as rewarding as working in your passion each and every day.

However, while it is certainly a thrilling time, starting a business is hard work. There is so much prepping, learning, and actual work that is needed before you meet with your first customer or client. If you’ve been considering launching your own home-based, woman-owned business, be sure to follow these helpful tips from The Beach Cities Breakfast Club.

Establish and set up the essentials

Before you do anything, you need to establish and set up the most basic elements of your business. This includes your business name, website, logo, services and/or product offerings, and all other critical details. Ensure that you don’t miss anything by brainstorming a list of everything you’ll need to move forward with your business launch. Also, be sure to lean on the expertise of other women who currently own a business. If you don’t yet know any female business owners, you can meet fellow entrepreneurs at an upcoming virtual networking group meeting. By learning from their experiences and challenges, you can better prepare your business for success.

Set up operations in your home

When running a home-based business, you’ll need to ensure that you have ample space to do whatever it is you plan to do. You will also want to ensure that your chosen space will foster productivity, and will have few distractions.

If you have not yet decided what part of your home will work best for your new business, create a list of what qualities you’d like in your workspace. Will you need storage for inventory? Room to meet with clients, or to store and use essential equipment? By carefully considering questions like these, you will be more likely to make the best choice. If your home does not lend itself to your business needs, consider having an addition built on to your home. While this is an initial investment, it can often pay off in the long-run (especially when comparing the cost to renting a space outside of the home).

Submit all needed paperwork and documents for licensing

Once you’ve established and set up all of the basics for your business — including your workspace — it’s time to fill out and submit all required paperwork. Most importantly, you’ll want to research licensing requirements in your area for your specific kind of business. The majority of cities/towns have all of the info you need online.

At this stage, you will also want to consider the benefits of forming an LLC — which include limited liability, tax advantages, and less paperwork. You’ll have to file the Certificate of Formation, and you can avoid hefty lawyer fees by filing yourself or by using a formation service. Every state has unique regulations around formalizing an LLC, so check the rules near you before moving ahead. 

Create a marketing plan to attract your first customers/clients

Now is the time to begin creating a marketing plan to attract your first customers/clients. Whether you are ready to launch now or in a few months, having a solid marketing and advertising strategy as far in advance as possible is a wise thing to do.

Although there is an abundance of work involved, the process of starting a home-based business is well worth the effort. Being able to do exactly what you want, make your own schedule, and help others is one of the more rewarding goals you can set.

The Beach Cities Breakfast Club is an organization that aims to support female entrepreneurs and business owners in the Beach Cities of California. Learn more about how you can connect through an upcoming networking event.

Amy Collett approached the manager of this BCBC website to ask for permission to add content. She received no compensation other than our thanks and gratitude for her interest in women’s entrepreneurship.

A Morning at BCBC – What to Expect!

We thought it might be useful to give our readers and prospective members a little “sneak peek” in to our Thursday morning meetings. Designed to be a lead generation and mentoring group, BCBC has grown multi-fold over the past 17 years!

Here is what to expect!

BCBC members convene “officially” at 7:15 a.m. every Thursday but encourage our membership to arrive by 7am to “catch-up”.

Our first “order of business” is to introduce any visitors and then take turns with our “30-second promotional” – aka the “elevator pitch”.  Personalities shine during these 30 seconds as poems, clever slogans and stories are used in many a pitch to garner and maintain interest!

After our 30 -second promotional we then do “Leads and Thank- Yous”.  For some, this is the “meat” of the meeting where leads to and from each member are generated.  Also, we acknowledge those who have helped grow our businesses , our mentors, and  much more.

Old and New business is discussed with upcoming events and “biz tips” being announced.  You can see a sample of upcoming events here. 

More “food for thought” is offered during our two- ten minute presentations by members.  This is truly the educational portion of our meeting and much information has been shared during these 20 minutes. While it seems short in time, it is not “short” in sharing of expertise.

Did we mention that there is breakfast being served and endless coffee and tea being poured throughout our time together!?!

We continue our meeting with a second round of 30-second promotions (and visitors get a full minute here).  Then on to our “thought of the week”.

Don’t be surprised to see may a member linger to chat, share more information or go more in-depth about lead generation.

Lastly… the very best part of our BCBC meeting is … friendships, business relationships and mentoring all  continue well outside the Thursday morning meetings.

Tips for Arriving to School Safely (reprint)

This is a reprint (with permission) from our member, Louise Sattler. Please read the entire article here


I take matters of safety seriously.  Especially when it comes to the safety of our children in schools.  Thus, I have compiled some resources and tips for you to pass on to your children – including those who are off to college. Please feel free to share your own helpful information in the comment section below.



Walking to School 

Sadly we live in a world where the simple task of walking to school can be unsafe. Please be sure to have your young children walk to school or a school bus stop supervised by an adult or a responsible teen-ager.

  • TIP: Have your child carry ID in case they become lost or there is a medical emergency.




college student.jpeg

Walking on Campus

Our “children” who walk on college campuses also are at risk for their safety. Please consider enrolling them in a personal safety workshop or course prior to their  first day of college life.  And, consider providing them, where allowed, safety tools such as pepper spray. , by the Safety Advocateis a website where you will find much information about personal safety for coeds.

Related: Crimes on College Campus Report

TIP: Having an ID with medical and important data can be a lifesaver, especially if the student has a chronic condition, such as epilepsy or diabetes. Also, having ICE on the phone contact list is recommended by many emergency personnel. (In Case of EMERGENCY – ICE)

Upcoming events with our BCBC members- FALL 2018

Friday-9/7 Saturday-9/8 & Sunday-9/9 BCBC & Guests Fri-5pm-9pm

Sat-11am-11pm Sun-12pm-8pm

36th ANNUAL LOMITA FAIR – St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church—25511 Eshelman Avenue, Lomita, CA 90717.  Fun and Safe evening for the whole family. Linda Benecke/Damsel and Lori McConnaha/Mary Kay are sharing a table/tent area.
Tuesdays Sept 11th – Oct 30th  BCBC & Guests 9-10am & 6-7pm Bones for Life Classes – at  Remedy Pharm 23811 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance 90505. Take all 8 classes– Cost $72 for 8 wk series or $15 per class on drop in basis. Don’t hesitate to contact Joy if you have questions or concerns – joyfulmobility@gmail.comor .
Thursdays  Sept 13th – Nov 1st     BCBC & Guests 9:30-1030am Align the Spine Classes – at  Remedy Pharm 23811 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance 90505. Take all 8 classes– Cost $72 for 8 wk series or $15 per class on drop in basis. Don’t hesitate to contact Joy if you have questions or concerns
First Mondays

Oct 1st

BCBC & Guests 6-8pm First Monday “social hour” at Brio Coastal, Del Amo Fashion Mall, Torrance.  The  price is right ($5.00 for social hour drinks and for bar bites aka appetizers)

Joy Daunis Selected as Student Photographer of the Month!

Joy Daunis believes you always need to hone your craft! That is why she continues to take classes at  This month she was selected by Paul’s Photography Studio as STUDENT OF THE MONTH.  Here is an example of her photography skills extraordinaire!



Long Journey in to the “Stroke World” Sans Enough Insurance

by Lynn Cardarelli

It seemed that it was a typical day. But, it wasn’t. March 8, 2016 at 10 in the morning would start off being the worst of worst days. My name is Lynn Cardarelli and among other hats I wear, I am an insurance agent. When you work in this profession you know that bad things can happen to great people, but I didn’t expect that it would be “my turn”, let alone that of my long-time beau, Joe.

So, here is how my “worst day” began… I am working in my home office. Joe comes in says he isn’t feeling well and wants me to make a doctor’s appointment for him. While an unusual request, it didn’t seem too “odd” as I suspected he was not well. He would normally goes to the gym at 4:30 AM to work out, however that morning he had crawled back into bed and said he wasn’t feeling well and needed to sleep. For him to miss his workout is atypical so I figured he must be getting sick and I was going to call the doctor. Then I took looked at him. He wasn’t sick. He was staggering as if he was drunk. He acted disoriented and was holding onto the wall trying to put his clothes on. I knew then… Joe was having a stroke.

I called 911. (Commence solemn music) This is where the nightmare truly beings. Hours spent in the ER as hordes of medical professionals determine treatment and finally find a bed for him. Then starts the ongoing days and nights in the hospital room waiting for him to wake up. Praying that he would come out of it all right. And, once he woke up, a blessing, we began to discover the extent of the damage.

The long journey now becomes longer…

From the hospital Joe went into a nursing facility only to be back to the hospital again. Rinse and repeat for seven months. That is what it feels like, but not in a good or cleansing way. But, more futile as the challenge is where does beloved Joe go next? More care facilities? Remain in the hospital?

A stroke can make someone feel like they are in prison. And, their caregivers like they are helpless.


Joe does not have use of the right side of his body and there is no way of knowing if this his new normal or if it will come back. Mentally he is like someone who has suffered PTSD.  And, I continue to pray.

Our future is uncertain and the fears, the tears and the prayers take their toll.

 Joe has good medical insurance. I am an insurance agent and I know the policies. I know what medical insurance policies including Medicare and policies that supplement or replace Medicare do and do not cover. Most policies cover a 100 days in a skilled nursing/rehabilitation center, so many hours of speech, physical and occupational therapy, home health care etc. If durable medical equipment is needed, the recipient normally has a 20% coinsurance. Most policies do not cover retrofitting the house for an individual who is immobile.

I know I must not be alone – there are others who have their “Joes”.

Being struck by a critical illness – stroke, heart attack, cancer, ALS, MS, Dementia etc. – cost money and if a Boomer is not properly insured the illness will destroy their retirement funds.

Boomers should know what their health insurance policies covers or if on Medicare, what Medicare covers. And, to protect the home and financial future you should have policies such as…

  1. Long Term Care
  2. Critical Illness or a Cancer/Stroke/Heart Attack policy
  3. Hospital policy
  4. Disability Income policy (if still working)

These policies provide for money to cover the costs that medical insurance, including Medicare, does not cover. They provide money to live on while recovering, money for additional time in a skilled nursing facility, money for additional days of therapy and money to cover alternative treatments.

Many have bought policies through their work and will let them go when they retire. You should review the policies you own with a trusted Insurance Agent. Sometimes, if the company allows it, it is better to keep those policies in place during retirement. Regardless of age, individuals should look at acquiring additional protection against critical illness. In my Stroke Support group, I am always surprised by the number of stroke survivors who are in their 20’s and 30’s.

Joe’s stroke has cost over a half million dollars. The insurance company is bearing the majority of the cost. We are responsible for a portion of the cost. A Long Term Care Policy would have significantly reduced the financial burden of his recovery. There are options every Boomer should discuss an insurance agent.

Joe and my journey is long on a road we did not want to discover. He was healthy. I am healthy. And, now we are both severely impacted physically and emotionally from the toll a catastrophic illness can impart on its’ victims.

I wish we had better options… and a different road.

For more information:


Planning for 2017 – Is your business ready?

Are you ready for 2017? Is your business plan prepared for the New Year? Have you thought of your 3-6-12 month goals to help keep your business growing or jumpstarting a business that may be floundering.

Here are some suggestions to help you gear up for when the calendar goes from 16 to 17!

  1. Think long and hard. Is your business working? Are you excited to be working as an entrepreneur? Do you believe you can maintain enthusiasm for another year? Do you need help to promote or grow your biz? Or, are you tired and just want to be “done”? There is no shame in doing what is best for you as long as you are true to your self when evaluating your business.
  2. What are your plans for the next year? A good business person has a one year (or more) plan in place.  Breaking it down to 3-6-12 months is often recommended. What do you need or want to do in the first quarter of 2017? The first half of the year? Do you need to expand your business? Do you need to have employees in stead of trying to “do it alone”? Do you need mentoring by say the Small Business Association (SBA)?
  3. What are your challenges? What is holding up progress? Is it time management? If so, use a good calendar or planner to help you stay on track.
  4. Do you need help? Many people can really focus on the nature of their business if they get some simple help, even virtually.  Consider doing that to free up time.
  5. Be creative. Many of us tend to get “stuck”. Order the same products.  Do the same approach to our work day.  Switch it up!

What do you expect in 2017? Let us know! The graphic below if for you to download and organize your year! Good luck!


author: Louise Masin Sattler, owner of 411 voices media



October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.  Here is a PSA video that is produced by DAMSEL in DEFENSE and brought to our attention by their representative, Linda Benecke of Damsel Pro Gal.

Please take time to discuss the tough issues spotlighted in this video with your loved ones.

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