The Art of Writing a Blog

This was a presentation about the how’s and why’s of writing a blog. Please feel free to use it as a guide with writing your own blog. Written and presented by Louise Sattler. Feel free to connect with Louise here. Write something INTERESTING The basic formula for writing a blog Make a plan An exampleContinue reading “The Art of Writing a Blog”

Being Balanced with Water

Learning through personal experience of body fatigue and sickness by not giving the body its most important nutrient, water, we go into dehydration. When the body dehydrates, even just a little, it’s like letting parts of our brain dry up. Dehydration dulls our alertness, lowers our energy, allows toxins to build, and slows our metabolism.

Don’t forget this powerful tool – LinkedIn

Facebook. Twitter. Google+.  Instagram.  YouTube. All of these are amazing social media platforms that can be instrumental in helping with an entrepreneurs marketing plan.  However, when it comes to really splashing your skills so potential customers or employers notice be sure to jump to LinkedIn!    Why? LinkedIn has many elements that the other social media platformsContinue reading “Don’t forget this powerful tool – LinkedIn”

My Hero, Jaylen Arnold from

Jaylen has a mission statement that I think should be repeated daily in classrooms, playgrounds and boardrooms – Bullying NO WAY! He wants to put anti-bullying programs in to EVERY school in the United States. The program, while targeted to help kids, actively involves parents and teachers.