The Aviva Center – Where Kids Matter Most

The Aviva Center just celebrated its’ 100th birthday! This center is dedicated to helping give children from 2-21 a chance in life. Known for taking “hard cases”. They offer a multitude of services, including safe harbor and housing to tween and teen girls who have experienced more in their formative years than most adults have ever known. The Aviva Center provides in a structured environment, 24/7 services to girls who have been abused and neglected.

From their website…

The holidays mean a time for rejuvenation!

It is that time of year when families get together, old friends reunite and proverbial doors are open for a myriad of emotions to collide! How to handle the stress of the holidays?

First, recognize that this is a busy time and try to organize with a schedule. But be careful! Don’t over commit to too many get – togethers that run you ragged. When the family gets together try to keep conversations “light” and perhaps crack out the board games to set the stage for a fun event filled with laughter instead of open conversational time that can lead to topics best left for another time.
Next, give yourself permission to let some things “go”. Ask guests to bring a dish to pass to your holiday party so that you don’t need to cook the entire meal. Go the bakery to get your cakes and cookies vs. making them yourself. Enjoy a quiet evening at home instead of accepting each and every invitation.

Tip: download the UBER app or friends phone numbers in to your cell phone so you aren’t tempted to drink and drive and have a safe way to get home.

How to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

The cold is the most common infectious disease in the United States and unfortunately it becomes prevalent during the holiday season. In the United States it is estimated that the average adult will get a cold typically two times a year, while children may have up to ten. The typical cold accounts for more missed work and absences at school than any other illness. People typically see their primary care physician for colds, however it is a viral infection and all doctors can do is say to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Treating colds with antibiotics are virtually useless because antibiotics treat bacterial infections and a cold is a viral infection.

About Breast Thermography

Did you know that one in eight women will develop an invasive breast cancer in their lifetime? If you knew what tools were available to you would you do everything possible and take all the necessary steps to lessen your chances of developing cancer? The answer is Breast Thermography, which is a promising screening toolContinue reading “About Breast Thermography”

Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur!

         You have an idea. Others think it is great! You think perhaps now is the time to take the plunge. Wait!  You have NO idea how to forge in to the business world as an entrepreneur – let alone SUCCEED! First, don’t even kid yourself that you can be a successfulContinue reading “Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur!”

An Open Letter to Thyroid Patients

BCBC member, Louise Sattler is about to “celebrate” her third anniversary of having Stage 3 Thyroid cancer removed from her neck and her life! Here is an honest and humorous blog to help others who may be undergoing the same path. This was originally written for her blog WHERE LEARNING MEETS LAUGHTER and we reprint here due to the importance of helping other thyroid cancer patients.

Dear New Thyroid Cancer Patient,

I am writing this letter nearly three years to the date of my thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer. I was so lucky to be surrounded by great docs at Johns Hopkins Hospital and many others.

When your guests won’t leave –

Cancer arrived at my doorstep nearly three years ago. It wasn’t welcome and it took every ounce of my being and the skill of a team of doctors to eradicate the beast from being detected in my body. I am thankful for all amazing medical care that I received at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Yet, despite being one of the “lucky ones,” I must say that cancer is like a guest that never LEAVES!

I know that many are probably reading this article thinking I have NO right to complain. I survived. I am able to see another day. I truly get that sentiment and outrage. I like most, have lost many a friend and relative to cancer. I also know that when you are a survivor and doctors have determined your disease untraceable with no apparent evidence (we no longer call it remission), that you will continue to have your doubts. Big ones. Forever.

Because in reality cancer never really leaves you…

In fact, it lurks in the back of the minds of each and every person I know who has been diagnosed. Sure, you can try and forget about it. Go about routine as if it never existed, but the honest truth is that it wins, time and time again.