The Art of Writing a Blog

This was a presentation about the how’s and why’s of writing a blog. Please feel free to use it as a guide with writing your own blog. Written and presented by Louise Sattler. Feel free to connect with Louise here. Write something INTERESTING The basic formula for writing a blog Make a plan An exampleContinue reading “The Art of Writing a Blog”

Fabulous Resources for Network Groups

Looking to be part of a woman’s business leads – generation network group?! We hope that if you are and live in the Beach Cities area of Los Angeles you will consider BCBC. But, regardless we would love to share with you a few of our favorite resources.

MEETUP – is a great resource for those looking to associate with people with like interests or to venture in to learning something new!

MASHABLE: When it comes to learning about social media and marketing news of the day many industry specialists look towards Peter Cashmore and Mashable. Not only do they report on the newest in technology but also share worldwide information about the “goings on” in the business world.

The Aviva Center – Where Kids Matter Most

The Aviva Center just celebrated its’ 100th birthday! This center is dedicated to helping give children from 2-21 a chance in life. Known for taking “hard cases”. They offer a multitude of services, including safe harbor and housing to tween and teen girls who have experienced more in their formative years than most adults have ever known. The Aviva Center provides in a structured environment, 24/7 services to girls who have been abused and neglected.

From their website…

Do you have a marketing budget?

  I am often bewildered by people who are enthusiastic rookie entrepreneurs with great ideas, tons of money for research and design but little to no bucks for marketing! It simply floors me that many do not see the value of putting marketing in to their budget. That, my friends, is a HUGE mistake. AContinue reading “Do you have a marketing budget?”

SoCal solutions to last minute holiday shopping!

Our Holiday Boutique is just around the corner!

December 21st


Billy’s Cafe in Torrance, CA

Jewelry – Fashion – Home Decor – Educational Products – and much, much more!

Tupperware 2.0

I remember sitting in my mother’s kitchen amongst all the kitchen gadgets, including the Tupperware containers. There was the gold one for cake and the stackables used for our “baking items” such as sugar and flour.  Don’t forget the plastic shape sorter (Shape-O ball) that made the perfect baby gift!  Yep, we were a homeContinue reading “Tupperware 2.0”

The power of women networks

Never underestimate the power of a group of women who come together to help SUPPORT each other. Yes, I did write the word SUPPORT.
Contrary to popular belief women HELPING women has become a new way of doing business. Women entrepreneurs and business owners have discovered that intra and inter- networking in their communities and beyond can be not only GOOD for biz but GREAT!