Current Members

Anita Garcia (10/27) Tupperware – Consultant
Bobbie Rendon ( 8/13) Chiropractor


D.L. Sweet (10/29)  Halo Branded Products


Heather Miller (1/29)


Estate Planning Attorney


Janet Dion (7/17) Marriage Family Therapist


Jean Morris (8/18) Acupuncturist
Jennifer Cassidy (7/22) Vet – Country Hills Animal Clinic


Joy Ambro (   ) Feldenkrais Instructor


Joy Daunis (4/4) Photography


Kathy Gonzalez (4/21) Cabi


Kelly Moore Markowitz (10/24) Financial Planner


Linda Benecke (10/25)


Damsel in Defense


Linda Hirsch (7/8) Electrologist


Linda Kahn-Ferrell (5/20) Travel Store – Travel Consultant
Linda Straley (11/22) Wondrous Workings


Lori McConnaha (6/12) Mary Kay


Louise Sattler (3/17) 411 Voices Influential Network


Lynn Cardarelli (12/5) UIG Insurance/Medicare Navigator


Lynette Vandeveer (7/15) Lyn D Jewelry Design


Maria West (10/20) Platinum Home Mortgage Corp.


Michelle Velasco (12/29) Keller Williams Realtor


Renee Evon (1/21) Hair Stylist –
















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