Lynn Cardarelli- Independent Insurance

Lynn Cardarelli is an independent insurance agent with United Insurance

Lynn Cardarelli

12316513_900406753369737_7969339614903279986_nIndependent Insurance Agent

United Insurance Group

ork for the insurance company, we work for you.Company Mission: We help senior Americans navigate the Medicare system. It is the foundation of everything we do, but it is only the beginning. We don’t w

Background and Experience

I was drawn to the senior insurance marketplace after helping my mother and step-father navigate the Medicare, Private Insurance and Veterans benefit world. My step-father had and died of ALS (a military related disease). During that bittersweet time I saw the toll that the primary care giver and the family suffers when caring for a critically ill loved one. I developed a passion for helping seniors and their families navigate the Medicare and private insurance system.

I work with those nearing retirement and retirees in the areas of critical importance:

  1. Medical planning

  2. Financial planning

  3. Leaving a Legacy

Policies I provide are:

  1. Medical Planning – Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, Drug Plans, Individual Insurance, Dental and visions Insurance, Long Term Care, Critical Illness, Cancer Plans

  2. Financial Planning – Annuities

  3. Leaving a Legacy – Life Insurance including Final Expense Policies and Single Premium whole life policies.