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In this digital age, everyone can now search for properties online or go to open houses to see what is available on the market. However, in spite of all the information available, every transaction is different and only experience and understanding the intricacies of real estate transaction guidelines, timelines and processes, can help minimize potential issues that may come up within a transaction.
Michelle Velasco understands all the various nuances that can play out within the complexities of a real estate transaction and helps her clients navigate through its various stages. Her background and negotiation skills helps her clients leverage the process as much as possible. For example, anyone can sell a house, but did it sell for top dollar or was money left on the table? Michelle’s objective for her seller clients is to maximize the chances of selling their property for top dollar by utilizing her proven marketing strategy which includes proper preparation even before the property goes on the market.
As for buying, the current real estate market has a huge influx of buyers because of historically low rates which combined with super low housing inventory, is a formula for bidding wars. Michelle believes in helping her clients get prepared ahead of time because those who are not can miss out on potential opportunities and with limited inventory, possibly the house they may have wanted. Why do that when if you are a serious buyer, you can be prepared ahead of time?
Michelle believes that being positioned for success and being pre-emptive is essential, especially when buying or selling one of the largest assets most people own.  For more information or to discuss further, please contact her t (310) 494-6593 or go to her website at www.beachcityliving.com.



Office: 310-544-6100

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