Our members in the BCBC group offers an array of services and represent a number of name brands, including:

Damsel in Defense- Linda Benecke

Young Living – DL Sweet

Ruby Ribbon- Tracy Farman

CABI – Kathy Gonzalez

Tupperware- Anita Garcia

Kangen Water- Debbie D’Aquino

Mary Kay Cosmetics- Lori McConnaha

Jewelry – Lynette Vandaveer

Travel- Linda Kahn- Ferrell

Various –  products for health and beauty- Linda Hirsh

Various – Functional Nutrition products – Jean Morris



Travel  – Linda Kahn- Ferrell

Acupuncture- Jean Morris

Chiropractics – Sabrina Quinene

Real Estate – Michelle Velasco

Business Broker – Patricia Jennex

Financial Services – Kelly Markowitz

Mortgages – Maria West

Legal Services- Heather Miller

Insurance – long term health, senior , medicare – Lynn Cardarelli

Health assistance – Chanel Garcia

Media Marketing Services – Louise Sattler







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