The Aviva Center – Where Kids Matter Most

The Aviva Center just celebrated its’ 100th birthday! This center is dedicated to helping give children from 2-21 a chance in life. Known for taking “hard cases”.  They offer a multitude of services, including  safe harbor and housing  to tween and teen girls who have  experienced more in their formative years than most adults have ever known. The Aviva Center provides in a structured environment,  24/7 services to girls who have been abused and neglected.

From their website…

“Residents come to Aviva through the Juvenile Court System or Los Angeles County Department of Family and Children’s Services, having experienced horrific physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse. Many have substance abuse issues; histories of being commercially exploited; or criminal records. Aviva staff is specially trained by the Department of Probation to work with commercially, sexually exploited children to support these teens and help them process and heal from their past experiences.”

This month the members of the Beach Cities Breakfast Club participated in a campaign to help provide the AVIVA CENTER youth by providing wardrobe for their end of the year gala aka “The Prom”.

As a group, BCBC collected more than 40 evening dresses and accessories to match.  We had the opportunity to present them to Melissa Tillman from the AVIVA CENTER and learn about the amazing work this organization conducts to not only help youth at risk, but  also offer “foster care to adoption” services and community based wraparound mental health care.

Learn more about how you can help the AVIVA CENTER here.


Lynette V. and Debbie D. showing off some of the lovely gowns



DL Sweet photographed with one of over 40 dresses contributed to the AVIVA CENTER from BCBC members


How to build your home-based company

There are many great resources to build a home based company.  In fact, the reason so many of the women who participate in the Beach Cities Breakfast Club is to share information and  learn from the more successful and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Here are some helpful tips that have been shared during our meetings that we wish to pass on to readers of the BCBC blog:

1: Have a website. You can’t build a company in 2016 without a website presence. Even if you are involved in direct sales, such as AVON or TUPPERWARE, you need to be part of the company with your own online page.

2. Use local small business resources such as the SBA (Small Business Association.)

3. Consider going to business oriented meetings that are offered via Meet-up or EventBrite. Both are excellent places to learn about upcoming events that are geared to learning about starting, growing and maintaining a business.

4. Watch TEDtalks. There are some excellent TEDTalks videos via YouTube.   You will find a lot of inspiration and reasons to be motivated as an entrepreneur via these dynamic speakers, as well.

The 20 most watched TEDtalks

5. Read business oriented content. Huffington Post offers everything from small business and start up features. Sandy Abrams , author of YourIdea,inc. often interviews up and coming companies – her information is well worth a look!  Don’t dismiss other great print and online media available via Inc., Forbes and among

6. Learn from trends in social media. Wade through all the family pictures and rhetoric people post and you WILL find some excellent content on social media that is business oriented.  Linkedin will give sage biz advice, while infographics that are very helpful can be found on Pinterest. And…Twitter chats can also be fabulous resources.  To find a list go here.

We hope these resources help and be sure to let us know if you have any questions!





Whew -my busy season is officially over (except for the few custom jewelry orders that I will be making before Christmas). So, as this year comes to an end I find myself reflecting on the many things that I have to be grateful for.

This past weekend was my last show creative jewelry show of the year. While it was successful monetarily, it was more successful for me – emotionally. The craft show was held at a local Catholic church. I was raised Catholic, but do not practice my faith in church (although I do usually attend on the BIG holidays). And, being around people of faith in the church atmosphere reminds me that there is still a kind, gentle and thoughtful sense of community in houses of the Lord, regardless of what religion one is . But this blog is not about religion – it is about being grateful. So, here is my partial list, as the full list would go on for too many pages.

I am grateful for all the things I am given by God.

I am grateful for the trials that I have endured and conquered.

I am grateful for the large and small successes of my husband with his health struggles, getting stronger most days, and not on many days.

I am grateful to be able to give of my time and talents to those in need. And while I give freely and unconditionally, I unashamedly DO receive emotional happiness in helping others. I see this as a win-win.

I am grateful to have been able to share my life with those close to me who have passed this year: my oldest brother, my nephew’s lovely wife, and my dear cat of 20 years.

I am grateful for every day I wake up and can get out of bed with ease.

While life may be challenging at times, I will always keep gratitude close to my heart.

Simply… Grateful~


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