The Aviva Center – Where Kids Matter Most

The Aviva Center just celebrated its’ 100th birthday! This center is dedicated to helping give children from 2-21 a chance in life. Known for taking “hard cases”. They offer a multitude of services, including safe harbor and housing to tween and teen girls who have experienced more in their formative years than most adults have ever known. The Aviva Center provides in a structured environment, 24/7 services to girls who have been abused and neglected.

From their website…

How to build your home-based company

There are many great resources to build a home based company. In fact, the reason so many of the women who participate in the Beach Cities Breakfast Club is to share information and learn from the more successful and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Here are some helpful tips that have been shared during our meetings that we wish to pass on to readers of the BCBC blog: