Fabulous Resources for Network Groups

Looking to be part of a woman’s business leads – generation network group?! We hope that if you are and live in the Beach Cities area of Los Angeles you will consider BCBC. But, regardless we would love to share with you a few of our favorite resources.

MEETUPMeetup.com is a great resource for those looking to associate with people with like interests or to venture in to learning something new!

MASHABLE:  Mashable.com  When it comes to learning about social media and marketing news of the day many industry specialists look towards Peter Cashmore and Mashable. Not only do they report on the newest in technology but also share worldwide information about the “goings on” in the business world.

Read about women involved in networking via Mashable link

FACEBOOK:  Facebook.com  I know you are probably saying to yourself, “DUH!” – but seriously FACEBOOK  is a great way to search local / regional groups that provide resources for lead network groups.  Do your due diligence before you venture out to participating in these groups- whether virtually or IRL (in real life).  Click here for a list of groups with the search words BEACH CITES + NETWORK GROUPS.

LINKEDIN:  Linkedin.com  This is the “grand-daddy” of all business oriented networking opportunities worldwide. The only deal with Linkedin is lately it has been saturated with people who are “less than reputable”- so again, due diligence when interacting online.  Also, if you are seriously seeking employment or enhancing your business consider the premium account offered. (Added payment will be needed.)

The take-away? Read. Learn. Engage. Interact!



Bio: Louise Masin Sattler is the co-founder of 411 Voices – a media marketing group providing services nationwide.




Don’t forget this powerful tool – LinkedIn

Facebook. Twitter. Google+.  Instagram.  YouTube.

All of these are amazing social media platforms that can be instrumental in helping with an entrepreneurs marketing plan.  However, when it comes to really splashing your skills so potential customers or employers notice8dbdea_a25fc462106442b4bf99c54ed7f07060 be sure to jump to LinkedIn!   

Why? LinkedIn has many elements that the other social media platforms do not include. In fact, it is a huge site for putting prospective employees with employers!

Here are just a few reasons why this site is well worth your time – whether you are “job shopping” or not:

1. LinkedIn offers an opportunity to upload your current resume, spotlighting your skill set.

2. LinkedIn offers a way for you to connect with people in your field and groups that share your interests.

3. Posts are shared on LInkedIn and can be re-shared via TWITTER – giving you double the exposure of your blog, articles, etc.

4. You can’t deny that LinkedIn is now the new want ads.  Here you can job search locally and globally. Moreover, you can post jobs if you are looking for talent!  Much more “verifiable” than Craigslist and definitely a professional matchmaker!

5. You can share your programs and social media talents with integrated platforms – such as Slideshare.

6. There are varying levels of membership.  The premium memberships allow you to connect directly with people on a more personal level, especially helpful if searching for employment or to make B2B connections.

7. A basic membership is FREE.

8. This platform can be an extension of what you do locally, such as BCBC.

This is what LinkedIn users sometimes forget, however:

1. This platform is not Facebook or  for  crowd sourcing funding.. So don’t post your plea to help fund your new book or video and simply don’t  ask for donations to help with a charitable event either.

2. Negative comments on LinkedIn are just as detrimental to your career as anywhere else on social media.

3. Don’t over post.  You need not switch your resume each time you write a blog or find out your Klout score has raised.

To learn more about LinkedIn visit their website at Linkedin.com